accident recovery Reston VAAs one of the only towing companies that offer junk car removal, the Reston Tow Truck team has long been the go-to option to get rid of the beaters for those in the Reston, VA area. Whether we are recovering a vehicle in your yard or simply getting rid of something that has long been taking up space in your garage, the team at Reston Tow Truck will pay top dollar for your junker!

Here is a little more about the process and how we can help you find the best price for your junk car here in Reston, VA.

The Reston Tow Truck Process

When you call the team at Reston Tow Truck, we will want to know a few details. This includes the make, model, and year of the vehicle—the current mileage of the car. Suppose the car has been in any accidents or fender benders and the vehicle’s current state. Once we have that information, one of our dispatchers will provide you with an over the phone quote on your beater. This quote is market competitive and will give you an excellent price for your junk car.

Towing and recovering your beater with ease

If the price is right, then we can go ahead and book the service. We can work around your schedule and ensure that your junker is removed when you are home. We can recover vehicles from lots, yards, or tow them from garages or driveways. We like to make things easy, and it is best if you let our dispatcher know where the vehicle will be located before the pick-up.

The day of pick-up

Reston Accident recoveryOn the day of the pick-up, our driver will contact you when they are on the way. Once we arrive, our tow truck will get to work, and will drag, tow, or recover your vehicle with expert precision. Once on the car, we will need to go over some paperwork and sign the vehicle into our possession. Once done, our driver will provide you with the agreed-upon quote in cash. That is right; there is no waiting, there is no cheque; with Reston Tow Truck, we deliver you cash for your junk cars.
The details

Junk car removal is an art. Of course, we pay top dollar for your junker, but besides that, it takes a tow truck and a driver who can deliver the service with pinpoint accuracy. When you call Reston Tow Truck, you should know that you are getting a company that has completed thousands of tows over the years.

If you are looking for junk car removal for cash in Reston, VA, then it is about time that you called the leaders in all things towing at Reston Tow Truck. We offer top dollar for trade-in, and no matter the condition, our team can tow it and pay you! Let our team trade your junker in for Benjamin’s. From SUVs to compacts, the team at Reston Tow Truck can tow your clunker with ease!