The community of Reston, Virginia is well-known for being a welcoming and attractive place to live in or to visit. The area is dotted with many fun things to see and do, and people of all ages will find a variety of engaging activities to enjoy. If you are in the area, and you have been wondering about some outdoor recreational sites for you to enjoy, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many, many places within the vicinity to enjoy and explore. For some ideas, you may wish to continue reading below, because we have listed a few suggestions of local favorites here.

If golfing is an interest of yours, then a trip to the Reston National Golf Course may be the place for you. In operation since 1970, the Reston National Golf Course offers a beautiful setting to enjoy the sport. This is a public golf course that encompasses an area around 166-acres. In addition to golfing, you can also enjoy the golf clubhouse, a fine restaurant, the pro shop, or the outdoor patio, as well.

For a stroll through a naturally wooded area, you may want to meander over to the Fred Crabtree Park. This heavily wooded park offers a peaceful setting to enjoy walking/hiking trails, a small creek, and some peace and quiet away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors can also enjoy the open fields located in this park, where soccer and baseball can be played.

The Walker Nature Center also offers a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors as you stroll through the walking trails or bike along them, too. Lake Audubon can be found in this park, and guests can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and boating on the lake. There are also campfires sites and picnic areas throughout the park, as well. Walker Nature Center is a wonderful place to engage in educational and recreational programs that are offered at the park, and more information about the specific programs can be found on the park’s website or in the park itself.

Lastly, many people enjoy spending their time in Lake Fairfax Park. This 476-acre park is filled with exciting things to do for people of all ages. Within the park, guests can enjoy many water sports on Lake Fairfax. This family-friendly park offers a waterpark, called Water Mine, a carousel ride, campgrounds, hiking/walking trails, picnic areas, a skate park area, playground equipment, and so much more. There are special programs and events that are held within the park throughout the year, too. Lake Fairfax Park is a great place to spend the day, or several days, while you are in the area.

Reston is a place that has a little bit of everything. There is easy access to Washington, DC, and many other thriving communities around the region, as well as all of the interesting things that the actual city of Reston has to offer, too. With just a little bit of research and some exploring on your own, you will have no problem finding activities that are engaging and exciting all year long.