towing service Reston VAHaving your car suddenly breakdown is one of the most unfortunate events that can happen to you. It is not your intent to call a towing service provider to offer you their services because you are stuck. It gets worse when this happens at an unknown location and you are left stranded on the road. If such happens, it is a good idea you call a professional roadside assistance to help you get back on the road. Someone who is not professional might not know how to carry out proper safety protocols to get you back safely.

Here are some of the reasons you need to consider seeking help from professional towing service providers.


Use of appropriate tow straps

Any tow strap that is cheap in quality can snap while towing a vehicle and this can even lead to more unfortunate events. That said, you need to avoid as much as possible the usage of such straps. Professional vehicle recovery services will ensure you get the best quality tow straps that would be very safe. They ensure that they don’t use cheap quality ones which might put the driver and their car in danger.


Use of Qualified Drivers

The drivers send to your rescue are highly qualified. They have a log of knowledge about towing issues. They are trained to take care of certain factors that ensure the safety of your vehicle. While they are driving, they ensure a couple things go according to plan, which include;


– Driving slowly with speeds not exceeding 15mph

– Not letting the distance between the vehicles increase more than 4.5 meters

– Ensuring the lights are always on

– Ensuring that the On Tow sign has been rightly placed in order to alert other road users.

– They ensure the car driven is in neutral and that way, the wheels are able to rotate freely

– They inspect the vehicle, examine the towing limits and take the uttermost precautions to ensure the whole towing process is a bliss.


Use of Professional Equipment

 Another reason why it makes a lot of sense to seek help from professional towing services is because of the nature of equipment used. Equipment’s that are purely dedicated for towing can save you from further damaging your car. Improper towing equipment especially on bumpy road can cause internal damage to your car. Professional towing services will also use appropriate “on Tow” car sign to help alert other road users to ensure everyone is safe on the road. Every car has a maximum tow weight limit and if this limit is surpassed, the recovery point may break down.


Loading the Trailer

The vehicle being towed can also be connected by a trailer by fixing the tongue of the trailer to the ball of the hitch. Once the ball of the hitch and the trailer are fully fixed, the safety chain is connected. The trailer is then professionally lined up with the vehicle, and then the vehicle is strapped to the trailer with wire straps. This is done to ensure that the vehicle and the trailer both are very firm and connected.

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